Sunday, May 01, 2011

Tutoring tales

Since I started tutoring students through WyzAnt, I've mainly been showing people in their 20's how to use  HTML and PhotoShop. I recently started tutoring a 10 year old how to use PhotoShop and Illustrator. It's a such a nice thing when parents get their kids started younger on subjects that interest them and I am really happy that her parents are encouraging her to pursue graphic design at an early age.

My parents had me take painting classes pretty early on and piano lessons when I was 10 (which I continued through high school). Me and my siblings were always drawing when we were growing up and I think it's helped me in many ways. I kind of wish I'd gotten into sports earlier, but I did have tennis lessons and didn't do too well with those. My sister ended up joining the tennis team in high school, so at least it wasn't wasted on her.

When I got into using computers as a teenager, it was mostly to use the internet. I dabbled in PrintShop and drawing programs and was very impressed by 3D landscape creators like Bryce. My first web design class at ROP was also my computer course outside of normal school. I'm pretty sure my early web pages were full of animated gifs and large images. Some places still do that (as I've seen from some websites I worked on).