Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Journal writing is good for you

This time off from work has given me some more time to write in my journal, which I enjoy since it's a place where I can write anything without censoring myself. Blogs are good for that, but there's always a chance of someone you know reading something you don't want them to if it's online.  I don't usually write anything bad about any specific person, but being able to vent privately is nice if you are particularly annoyed at someone - which is bound to happen.

I had a relaxing weekend, mostly stayed home while my boyfriend was at work. On Sunday, I had a tutoring session to introduce a 10 year old to PhotoShop. It's nice that her parents are encouraging her to learn at such a young age, I kind of wish my parents cared enough to do that for me. I did have piano lessons for awhile and painting classes before that, but I never considered doing either of those things professionally. Technology has gotten to the point where kids are learning things earlier, which is a good thing since there is so much you can do with computers.

I applied to some interesting jobs today and found some for my boyfriend to apply to also. One job was writing about music, which I hadn't thought of trying to get paid for in awhile. I later on noticed that there's a specific genre that they want the applicants to like and I realized I would probably not be right for it. Oh well, there are lots of web design and development jobs that would be a better fit. I'm not as into new music as I used to be and I really have no idea what's popular or not right now. I am slightly enclosed in a bubble of seeking only information that interests me or my boyfriend, which means I'm a bit out of it...