Monday, March 21, 2011

Baby showers, birthdays, and another work week!

It's been an unusually busy weekend for me, I saw a lot of friends from college, met a lot of my boyfriend's family members, and even bought some things for me and my boyfriend at Bath & Body Works and JC Penney. I wasn't able to attend the Fujiya & Miyagi show at the Echo, partly due to exhaustion and also due to not wanting to go to LA in the rain. On Saturday, I went to the Bath & Body Works special event to vote on the next fragrance and get a few nice things for myself. After that, we went to JCPenney since I had a $10 off $10 coupon. I figured that my boyfriend needed clothes more than I did, so we looked at some clearance jeans and graphic tees. Lots of good deals there, but my boyfriend didn't like the worn look of a lot of the jeans. We ended up getting some dark blue ones with the look of a little wear and a gray Mario T-shirt.

Soon after, my boyfriend dropped me off at my friend's house so we could go to the baby shower of a mutual friend of ours from college. She was out shopping for greeting cards when I got there, so I just sat and watched her husband play a new motorcycle game he'd gotten for his iPad and iPhone. He's getting an actual motorcycle some time this week and his birthday is also this week too. My friend wasn't happy about his new interest in motorcycles, but he definitely is. The baby shower was at our friend's parent's house in Torrance and it was not a bad drive from La Mirada. I haven't been to a lot of baby showers, but it was mostly sitting, talking, and eating. There were some games going on outside, but it was a little cold that day.

After we left, my friend's husband drove us all to Santa Monica Place so he could look at some boots. It was fine with me since I could check out what had changed at the Tokidoki store. It did look pretty different from the last time since I'd gone during the holidays, and they had a lot more new bags. The new clothes was not as interesting to me, though they had some cute kids and baby clothes. The designs actually do work better for smaller people because they are cute as it is. There wasn't much I really wanted there, but my friend seemed to like the liquid eyeliner. We left the store and went down to Kenneth Cole to meet up with her husband. He ended up getting a lot more than just boots, but he can afford it being an engineer. We may have gone to more stores, but my friend needed to practice for choir since she was singing the next morning.

Today is my sister's birthday and her daughter's 4th birthday was just 4 days ago. I celebrated my boyfriend's dad's birthday with him and a lot of my boyfriend's family members. For the birthday celebration, we met at his dad's church Calvary Chapel of East Anaheim. It's close to a movie theater that I once knew as Cinemapolis and also where a comic book shop that me and my brother used to go to. We had lunch at Marie Callendar's across the street, which was pretty tasty and it was cool to have a whole room for the family. After a delicious meal and some interesting conversation, me and my boyfriend went to his dad's place to pick up some things and help his dad with some computer and cell phone issues. It's always nice visiting with his dad and we definitely surprised him by showing up with the rest of the family at his church.

This is my 2nd week on the contract position I'm doing, the first one was mostly smooth with only minor hiccups in figuring out which track to take at LA Union Station. I think I understand how it works now, so I hope I don't end up on the wrong train again. Downtown LA is a nice area to work and it's better not to have a car here due to parking and traffic. I would consider finding something more long-term here if there were some good opportunities. I don't enjoy driving and buying gas enough to work in Orange County, but we'll see if anything opens up there. For the most part, the web design jobs in OC are mostly in the southern and central parts. At least that's how it seems to me, but I'm not sure how true that is.