Friday, February 18, 2011

BRMC @ The Book & Stage in Las Vegas

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Why is Reality TV generally horrible?

I've been thinking about crappy reality television shows that I still remember despite not really watching or enjoying them. Shows like The Swan, Beauty and the Geek, Temptation Island... the list goes on and on. I guess The Hills is more of a scripted reality show, but it's no better than any of the rest. I guess MTV really is partly to blame for introducing The Real World and Road Rules, plus numerous other silly dating shows.  I do admit to watching a few episodes of the first season of The Real World, but I can only say it was due to being young and bored. Perhaps that is why people watch reality television?

Boredom in general was always my reason to watch TV, but I prefer to escape reality than have a fake version of it presented to me on television. Now, I don't even bother with watching TV at all. I'm sure I'm missing out on the latest adventures of The Office and The Simpsons, but I have a feeling I'll get to see them if I really do feel the need to. I'm a few seasons behind on finishing Lost, and really far behind on most other shows I once watched. The only channel I really enjoy watching is HGTV or maybe the Food Network.  Maybe I'm weird to no longer enjoy mindless entertainment, but I don't think that's a bad thing.

Just a couple more days until my Vegas trip and my car has been prepared with various new parts and services. My boyfriend is more interested in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 than the shows or gambling, so he got a cable that will work with older TV's since the hotel we're staying at may have them. I'm wondering how it will work if he's just playing his new game all day while we're there. Most likely we'll just leave for food, and I'll leave for the concerts. It's not such a bad thing since we'll both be doing what we like. I don't want to force him to stand through a long concert or walk through a smoky casino.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

BRMC at the Cosmopolitan

It hasn't been that long since I saw BRMC live, but it's nice that they're playing 3 free shows in Las Vegas at the Book & Stage in the Cosmopolitan on the nights of February 15th and 16th.  BRMC's song "Spread Your Love" is used in one of the ads for the hotel, and I first noticed it last October when I was watching TV in San Francisco. I really don't watch TV anymore and I don't miss it, but that's another story.  Here's the full 60 second ad on YouTube:

I love the cute fluffy kittens and puppies, but I digress... Since the shows are in the middle of the week, hotel prices are more reasonable than on weekends and I found a very close and cheap hotel to stay at. Gas is a big expense, but necessary for long road trips. Being unemployed or even only working part time has its advantages, since I wouldn't be able to do this if I (or my boyfriend) had a full time job. Not having a lot of money is tough, but I've been getting by so far.  I should probably list some more stuff on ebay and make the most of my store, and I should also clean up and organize my room... I will be doing both more soon.

I recently was contacted by a Facebook friend about building a site, which will require me to apply some of my limited database knowledge in a real world context.  I hope I can manage it! I've also been getting painting lessons from a friend, along with her mom. So far, I feel more comfortable with drawing - but painting is much more involved than drawing. I am still in need of a few supplies before finishing my painting, which is a peacock that was originally made by a Chinese master chef who used postage stamps to create beautiful and elaborate mosaics. I will post pictures soon of that.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

I got back from SF at around 1:30 AM last night. The drive back was much easier than the drive up, and the trip was pretty good overall. It was nice to see some friends and family, and the job market seems so much better there too. Competition for those jobs is probably tougher, but I think it may be easier to find a good job there. I guess I can't really focus on moving until I do find a job there, though my brother's nice apartment near Market St. is basically empty most of the time. Such a waste... I should probably just move up there so someone can use it more. In the rush of packing, we didn't notice that we'd left our iPad in my brother's car. It's not a big deal since my brother will be visiting next month.