Thursday, June 28, 2007

BRMC, The Cobbs, Sarabeth Tucek @ La Zona Rosa

After the Houston show, I was up early taking photos of my sleeping travel buddies. Those photos are up on Flickr under Texas Roadtrip. The drive to Austin from Houston was not too long, only 162 miles. We made a stop in Giddings to eat at Sonic and use the bathroom. While I was coming out of the bathroom, I saw a huge cockroach near Jodi who was at the sink. We both screamed and ran out like the girls we are. It was scary, black and red at the end. I didn't think of taking a picture of it since I just wanted to get out of there. Getting to the hotel was much easier than at the Houston hotel because there wasn't a massive circular parking structure to drive in and out of and charge $10 whenever we entered or left. After a little snag with one of the hotel employees, we were off to our room and later the venue.

We arrived at La Zona Rosa early enough to get a great parking spot right in front of the venue. We saw the rental car of the other BRMC forum people parked nearby. We decided to walk around a little to find some food and drink and ran into Paul and Ryan of The Cobbs. They recommended a burger place down the street, which we did end up going to. I ordered a big bunch of fries and onion rings, with ranch dipping sauce which later ended up all over my purse while I was looking for my cell phone. We stopped at Starbucks to clean off all the sauce and get some liquid refreshment. It was really hot in Austin, so we needed it. There were a few more stops like this since it was so hot and bathroom breaks were also needed. Wahoo's was nearby and they gave me a free water.

As people started arriving a line was forming in front of the venue and since we'd gotten there so early, we claimed our spot at the front. We weren't sure about cameras in this venue, but it turned out that they allowed small ones. Fortunately, I'd brought my small one and this show was probably the best one of the entire trip. There were plenty of annoying things, like the girls who left vomit in two spots near the front of the stage. Actually, that was probably the only really bad part about the show. This was Sarabeth Tucek's first night with the BRMC tour. She opened the show with her boyfriend Luther Russell, who seemed really friendly. They played an acoustic set with 2 guitars, it was a little folky and nice.

The Cobbs were up next and were just as good as the previous night, though this time I decided to record some videos of their performance. I recorded five songs, but only put up three on YouTube so far. Here's the setlist:

1.say you never knew me
2.lo chey
3.climb on top
5.dont walk
7.a new official name yet

They're a really good band. I told Paul at the Meridian how I'd seen them at Popscene (when they were called Mad Action) with Kasabian back in 2005 and he said he'd recorded that show. I mostly remembered the dancing ninja at that show. At this show, I remembered the theremin that Paul had set up near his pedals. He noticed Jodi getting off on it after the Dallas show!

Anyways, BRMC were the real stars that night. They played an extra long set that night including some requests during the encore! Jodi posted it to the forum and I think you can guess what the request was.

Took Out A Loan
Lien On Your Dreams
In Like The Rose
Ain't No Easy Way
Weapon Of Choice
Punk Song
Not What You Wanted
666 Conducer
Love Burns
Need Some Air
American X
Fault Line
Devil's Waitin'
The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll
Shuffle Your Feet
All You Do Is Talk
Red Eyes And Tears + Reprise
High/Low (!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
White Palms
Six Barrel Shotgun
Heart + Soul

Yeah, it was a really excellent show. I was busy taking photos and videos for most of the show which makes remembering details pretty difficult. I didn't take any in Dallas, so let's see if I remember things better there. Needless to say, it was a pretty amazing show since we got both Salvation and Heart + Soul at the end. After the show, everyone seemed to be much happier than the previous night. We asked Peter after the show about them playing "Steal A Ride" and he said he was going to, but then Robert went into "Heart + Soul." Robert was in a hurry to go to the hotel and shower, so we didn't get to talk to him much. Nick was sitting out with his acoustic guitar and tambourine. Me and Jodi walked over to him and asked if we could take pictures and sat down to listen to him play. He was singing very softly, possibly his own songs. Suzanne came over later and sat down with us. We asked him to play an Elvis song (I have no idea why), but he didn't.

We were all just sitting and asking him questions for awhile and then this girl who said she was a friend of Robert's started talking to Nick. So we just started talking amongst ourselves. Despite the interruption, we all had a newfound respect for Nick for taking the time to sit and talk with us for so long. Near the end of the night, someone said a storm was coming and he asked Suzanne if we had a place to stay. His concern was very sweet. It was really late when we finally got back to the hotel and I was probably the first one to fall asleep. We did see Peter jamming on his guitar with someone in front of the club as we were leaving.