Friday, May 18, 2007

Tons of BRMC press links

Witness BRMC's unflagging cool.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: Interview with Peter Hayes

from volume 02 issue 01 // Michael Rabinowitz

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Interview with Peter Hayes
Words: Michael Rabinowitz
Photos: Tessa Angus

LiveDaily Interview: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club's Robert Levon Been
May 10, 2007 02:32 PM
by Tara Hall
LiveDaily Contributor

Music - May 10, 2007
Cry Babies
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club are bringing back the distortion, regardless of what you think.
by Jeff Inman

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Watch our exclusive chat with the leather clad rockers from Black Rebel Motorcycle club about their new album, the UK music scene and a new format for festivals.

The Evil Roadie
BRMC get FGDed

Interview by Eileen McSweeney

BRMC = "Boldy Romantic Manly Children"?

Posted May 4th 2007 2:30PM by Mike Spinella

Friday, 4 May 2007
Interview: Robert Levon Been of BRMC


PETER MAURITS (translated by Saskia)

By Dennis Cook

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Men In Black
by Sam Villis on 30/04/2007

Rebels With a Cause - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
By Andrew Parks - April 2007

Video interview: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

by Malcolm Mackenzie. Monday, April 30 2007

Interview with Robert n Peter in the May issue of PLAYMUSIC magazine

fm - Live At The Camden Crawl, Day 1
Moody? Uncommunicative? Surly? Deep seated hatred of the press? Quite possibly on drugs? Blimey, you must be a member of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club! Really though, we had a chat with guitarist Peter Hayes and he seemed very pleasant. We even did the, "So, you've got a reputation for being really bloody difficult to interview...." question. [listen]

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club rocks again

By SANDY COHEN, AP Entertainment Writer Fri Apr 27, 3:04 PM ET;_ylt=ArC3xv0b1_8nBTvIThM9zQvMWM0F

Peter and Robert - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

By Suzy Sims

Peter Hayes unveils BRMC's fourth album, 'Baby 81', track by track & we play you each song in full in our two part album special.