Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

I know it's already past, but I had a great time celebrating with my mom and grandma and then hanging out with my brother afterwards in Costa Mesa and Long Beach. We started out by eating lunch at Sam Woo Restaurant in Irvine, which my mom had to wait an hour to get a table at, but at least we got one. Actually, my mom was there before us while we were making some stops to get sunglasses and to pick up my grandma in Santa Ana. The food was pretty good, though it was mostly meat that was prepared in the same way (sweet and sour/pungent).

After that, me and my brother dropped grandma back at her place and then went to the Orange County Fairgrounds for a designer jeans warehouse sale. I have a weak spot for designer jeans, but all the ones at the sale were way more than I'd want to pay for them ($50-$120). There were some T-shirts, dresses, and tank tops, but I didn't get anything. After leaving the sale, we took some pictures around the fairgrounds at the gardens and farms. It was pretty fun! Here are some photos of the OC Fairgrounds from Flickr.

At the Orange County FairgroundsAt the Orange County Fairgrounds
At the Orange County FairgroundsAt the Orange County Fairgrounds

We drove up to Long Beach after that and wandered over to the Art Buildings, where we talked to an instructor for a 2D art class, he was pretty nice telling us about his class. He mentioned that there was an installation exhibition going on, so we went out and found a bunch of people milling about snacking on fruit and veggies. There was some jewelry, woodblock engravings, origami, and a strange dark room with weird sounds for which we had to remove our shoes and sit down. We got some snacks and then continued to the sculpture department, where we saw some interesting stuff.

The sculpture department at CSULBCal State Long Beach

The rest of my photos from Cal State Long Beach can be found on this Flickr Photo Set.

I know it's strange for me not to talk about BRMC all the time, but I'll post my Wiltern review and photos soon. I'm not happy with how I wrote it, but I'm just putting off posting it for now so I can get caught up on some other things.

Last Wednesday, I also saw Autolux and Midnight Movies at Tom Bradley International Hall at UCLA, which was a strangely carpeted show with more security than there should have been. No pictures or cameras were allowed though they never checked my bag. My brother wasn't feeling too well, so he wasn't very into it at all. I had hard time seeing the stage since there were lots of people in front of us for Midnight Movies, and then we sat down before Autolux and more people filled up the room. It was a small show, supposedly only 450 tickets - though it could have been less.

After listening to Autolux in the car with Dana, Dannielle, and Mike, I was more excited to hear and see them live despite Eugene's strange weird head. Midnight Movies have been steadily growing on me and I was actually more excited about them at first. They really didn't disappoint me because I liked the new songs just as much as the one's on the first album, maybe even more! Their music is kind of dark and hypnotic, the singer doubles on keyboards and switches with the drummer at times. It's pretty cool. I really love their sound, and I was a little surprised that they were selling their own merch after the show.

As for Autolux, they were really good too. I like their somewhat robotic sound. I'm not sure if they're interesting to watch on stage because I was too far back to really see that well, though I definitely liked their music. I recognized quite a few songs, though I'm not sure of their titles. It's pretty cool to see a 3 piece band make so much beautiful noise. Though 2 piece bands are cool too, i.e. Rubicks who I thought were really cool when I saw them at the Silverlake Lounge in March.