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Nick Jago's Wrangler Ad In Australia

Munkyseemunkydo from the BRMC forum told me about this ad that Nick Jago did for Wrangler in Australia. He's just in one photo (available on their downloads page), but it sure is nice!

Nick Jago's Wrangler ad in Australia

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Thursday, May 24, 2007
RFC Interview: Black Rebel Motrocycle Club

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Arizona Roadtrip/BRMC in Tempe

I keep putting off writing here about my BRMC road trip, so the details are getting fuzzy. My actual journal is full of my bitching about how annoying security was at the Arizona show and how I complain that I'm not going to enough shows. I'm already looking forward to Las Vegas, and after hanging out with Suzanne and Alexander at Bar 107 last night, I'm even more excited for it. I suppose I will start describing what my road trip to Arizona was like. Dana and Dannielle are really fun road trip companions, and so was Dana's cousin Mike. However, I was unprepared for all the loud burping and drinking that they'd be doing throughout much of the trip.

Anyways, the trip started at 6:45 AM last Saturday, when Dana came to pick me up. We drove over to Dannielle's house, where she and Mike were already waiting for us as we sped down the freeway. We made some bathroom and gas stops early in the trip and stopped by the dinosaurs near Riverside. It was surprisingly cold that day, so we quickly took some photos with the dinosaurs. Dannielle has the pictures, but hasn't sent them to me yet. The drive to Arizona was surprisingly fast with Dana and Dannielle taking turns at the wheel. We got to out hotel/resort at around 1 PM, giving us a good 5 1/2 hours before the show to relax and get ready. Our room was smaller than expected, with only 2 twin beds and a foldout couch. There was a tiny kitchen that we didn't really use.

We took a walk around the resort and to the neighborhood thrift store. Then, me, Dana, and Dannielle took a quick dip in the pool. It was one of 3 pools at the resort, but it was small and had a lot of pine needles. While we were out, Mike went to a vegan restaurant near the thrift store. It smelled really good when we passed by earlier, and he said they had some great vegan food too. After eating at the hotel restaurant and getting some free drinks, we went back in the car to go to the Marquee Theater. From the outside, it looks like a library or community center since it had light tan colored stucco walls. Jodi was the first person in line and greeted us when we got there.

The security was extremely annoying and unpleasant throughout the evening with the exception of a guy that Jodi befriended. He actually seemed to really like her bringing her water, posters, and a couple blow pops that security had confiscated from her at the door. The venue itself seemed pretty big inside, though I heard there were only 500 tickets sold for the show. The barrier was far from the stage, so the security people could walk through and ruin people's pictures. The audience was mostly young and unenthusiastic, since some were there for the Fratellis and it was an all ages show. The music was great, but the sound might have been a bit off.

I had a pen and sharpie taken from me at the door, but I managed to bring in another pen and my video camera - which kind of looks like a regular camera in it's case. Of course, video was not allowed though cameras were actually okay if they weren't professional. I'd left the camera I'd brought to Coachella at home, so I decided to secretly record some audio from the show. This thought came to me a couple songs into the Black Angels set, but the audio was full of static despite being kind of clear. The Black Angels were really good, just 5 members on stage that day. I later heard from Alexander that the 6th guy had a baby and joined them in San Diego. Their sound was kind of psychedelic and hypnotic with a dark, atmospheric edge. They are deinitely influenced by the Brian Jonestown Massacre, since the guitarist was wearing a BJM shirt and had a guitar with BJM stickers on it. I enjoyed the sitar-like guitars and cavernous sounding drums and bass.

BRMC played an excellent set throughout the night with no waiting for an encore. I couldn't tell how much the audience were enjoying it from the front, though there was probably more standing and watching than dancing and singing along. "Took Out A Loan" started the show as it does the new album and was well-received by the audience with lots of cheering and excitement. During the middle of it, it has kind of a false ending which continues with lots of white strobe lights reminding me of when they play "White Palms." Next, was "Berlin" which was already a very familiar and exciting live song, I definitely see it as the next single. The rest of the set was full of new songs from Baby 81, including "Lien on Your Dreams," "Not What You Wanted," and of course "Weapon of Choice." The piano on the stage was put to good use with the live debut of "Window" and then "Promise" right after it.

"Need Some Air" and "American X" features Peter on bass and Robert on lead guitar. "Need Some Air" is a very cool live song with Spike and Peter providing some amusing "whoa oo oo's" at the end. "American X" has a lot of space in it that reminds me of "Riders on the Storm," and it was a welcome addition to the set. "Spread Your Love" and "Whatever Happened to My Rock n' Roll" are live favorites which seem to be permanent parts of the setlist. Rather than making us wait awhile for an encore, Peter played "Fault Line" and "Devil's Waitin'" on his acoustic guitars. Then, Robert came out for "Mercy" and had the house lights turned down. The rest of the band came out for "Ain't No Easy Way," during which Robert threw out a tamborine. The final song of the night was the lovely "All You Do Is Talk," which starts off slowly and builds to a powerfully stirring chorus. It was a lovely way to end the show.

BRMC @ HOB San Diego 5.6.07

We left out hotel in Arizona at around 10:30 AM with a stop for food near San Diego at Jack in The Box. We arrived in San Diego at around 3:30 PM. Our original hotel was deemed crappy by all, due to it's YMCA status and shared bathrooms, so we decided to walk over to the House of Blues and find a closer hotel. We ended up getting a room at the Courtyard Mariott Hotel right next door to the House of Blues. It was much larger and nicer than the last hotel, though it was also more than twice as much. Before the show, we went for drinks and food at a place called the Yardhouse. I got a drink that tasted a lot like a Midori Sour, but called something like The House Tropic.

When we got to the House of Blues, Alexander was there with his photographer friend and Jodi was in line with her husband. We all went inside the restaurant area for some more drinks and food. I stopped in the bathroom at first and I saw Peter sitting there on the phone. I joined my group and ordered a cheese pizza, which I ate mostly by myself though Dana had a couple bites of a slice. There was absolutely no line when we left the restaurant and we went right in. We stopped by the merch table to say hi to Alison and I picked up my autographed booklet that I'd gotten with my ticket. It wasn't hard to get up front, though most people were already lined up in the front row. I stood next to Vaquera from Tijuana, who I'd met after the Jimmy Kimmel taping.

The barrier was much closer to the stage at this show and security was much less annoying than the Marquee. Cameras weren't allowed, but I think some people managed to bring them in. There wasn't really much security inside telling people not to take pictures. The stage seemed a little less wide too, making it feel a bit more intimate.

The Black Angels were excellent again, this time with their 6th man switching between instruments. I enjoyed their music, though I'm sure there were still some people expecting to see the Fratellis. The response to their set was pretty positive overall. I actually did enjoy them more this time since the security wasn't there to annoy everyone.

The San Diego audience was for the most part, much more enthusiastic and into the music. I think BRMC were much more relaxed because of this, though they did make a few more slip ups in a few songs. For example, "Window" had a false start since not everyone was ready and Peter forgot a line in "Devil's Waitin'," though the audience was singing along much more and filled in some of it for him.

Overall, the setlist was pretty much the same as the previous night, though the major difference was "Heart + Soul" and "Red Eyes & Tears" in the middle of the set. That actually made a really big difference overall. It was actually really nice to hear "Heart + Soul" again, though kind of strange to get it so early in the set.

There was a point in the middle of the set when a couple of really obnoxious little girls elbowed their way to the front and pushed Dannielle. It seemed like they might have started a fight though they moved far enough away to avoid it. Fortunately, they left during Peter's solo acoustic songs, though they did manage to annoy most of the people up front. After the show ended, Peter came out to talk to fans and sign autographs.

BRMC @ The Wiltern on May 8, 2007

After 3 excellent BRMC shows, I'm definitely looking forward to more. I am planning on going to Las Vegas for sure, but now I'm even considering going to Texas with Suzanne. The irony of it is that my brother wanted to go to Houston to visit his friend, so I was looking for flights for him before. However, his friend is probably too busy to host him now. Anyways, I wrote my review of the Wiltern show the other day, and here it is.

BRMC @ The Wiltern 5-8-07

Before leaving for LA, me and Jodi stopped at Togo's for a late lunch/early dinner. We left for the venue at around 4:50 PM and arrived about an hour before doors opened. There was a short line already forming and I went to get a spot while Jodi parked the car. I ran into Dana and Dannielle on the way there, so we waited in line together. Later, we were joined by Theresa from Portland and Jackie and her sister Andrea. A little after that, we saw Alexander who introduced me and Jodi to his friend Deniece and Collette.

There were some girls who worked for Verizon Wireless who were taking pictures of people waiting in line. We had our pictures taken, but I never saw it on the screen above the stage. Getting inside the venue was actually not bad, it seems like they were only checking for gum. The pit wasn't that full when I got there, though Peter's side was mostly full. While waiting for the show, I finally met Angie who was standing behind me and then towards the middle during the show. Suzanne said hi, but had to move to the back so as not to block people's views of the stage. Speaking of the stage, it was really high - like 5 feet tall at least.

Unlike the previous 2 shows, there was another opener named HT Heartache. She was like a country folk singer with a warbly voice. She really seemed out of place at this show. The audience politely applauded all her songs, though most people didn't seem too into it. The Black Angels were more warmly received with their '60's inspired sounds of echoing guitars and dynamic drumming. They sound to me like a heavier version of the Brian Jonestown Massacre. Watching them perform is always a treat. I am starting to appreciate their songs "Black Grease" and "First Vietnam War" the more I hear them. There was some video footage behind them that looked pretty interesting.

Soon after BRMC entered the stage area, Robert said that this was their largest North American show yet and they were glad that it was in their hometown. Even Nick seemed more into performing on the drums and actually smiled a few times near the end of the show. The setlist didn't change much from San Diego, with the addition of Stop - which was nice to hear again. They played "Red Eyes and Tears," which is always well-received. Near the middle/end of "Took Out a Loan" (the show opener), Robert adds some lyrics which I usually can't hear. "666 Conducer" has been consistently amazing to see and hear live because of the grooving bass line that Robert plays almost entirely on his knees.

During Howl, Peter is playing his keyboard more facing the audience with a black drapery covering the front of it. I guess it's better than having his back to the audience, though I don't understand what the covering is for. Robert was especially into the performance, moving to the edge of the stage quite a few times. Even Peter seems to enjoy watching that. There was more time for applause before the encore started. Peter played "Fault Line" and "Devil's Waitin'," during which he forgot a line and had the audience singing along to fill it in.

The rest of the band came on and during "Ain't No Easy Way," Robert threw his tamborine into audience. However, this was not the most exciting thing he gave to the audience. At the end of "All You Do Is Talk," he unplugged the Epiphone bass guitar he was playing and handed it to the audience. And people went nuts for it. I think there was some punching by the girl who ended up with it. The security had to break it up a little.

Thanks to Angie, we ended up at the after party with all the VIPs and fans lucky enough to get passes for it. We saw all the Black Angels and BRMC members in various places. Jodi said hi to Robert at first and later, he came up to us while she was looking for a silver sharpie in her bag. It was loud and Robert has kind of a soft voice, so I couldn't hear him for a lot of the conversation. I just kind of nodded along and agreed, though I definitely heard him say that he was handing the bass to Jodi. Of course, she ended up with it in San Francisco, so he actually succeeded in giving it to her there. A pleasant surprise for me was talking to Nick, who remembered my name and thanked me for supporting them over the years. This was a real surprise since he hasn't seemed too talkative in the past.

A bunch of the photos I took from the show are up on Flickr. Here are a few of my favorites:

Robert of BRMCBlack Rebel Motorcycle Club
Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubBlack Rebel Motorcycle ClubBlack Rebel Motorcycle Club
Black Rebel Motorcycle ClubBlack Rebel Motorcycle Club

Well, there are tons more photos I took, and here's the only video I recorded that night of "All You Do Is Talk":

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Friday, 4 May 2007
Interview: Robert Levon Been of BRMC


PETER MAURITS (translated by Saskia)

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Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

I know it's already past, but I had a great time celebrating with my mom and grandma and then hanging out with my brother afterwards in Costa Mesa and Long Beach. We started out by eating lunch at Sam Woo Restaurant in Irvine, which my mom had to wait an hour to get a table at, but at least we got one. Actually, my mom was there before us while we were making some stops to get sunglasses and to pick up my grandma in Santa Ana. The food was pretty good, though it was mostly meat that was prepared in the same way (sweet and sour/pungent).

After that, me and my brother dropped grandma back at her place and then went to the Orange County Fairgrounds for a designer jeans warehouse sale. I have a weak spot for designer jeans, but all the ones at the sale were way more than I'd want to pay for them ($50-$120). There were some T-shirts, dresses, and tank tops, but I didn't get anything. After leaving the sale, we took some pictures around the fairgrounds at the gardens and farms. It was pretty fun! Here are some photos of the OC Fairgrounds from Flickr.

At the Orange County FairgroundsAt the Orange County Fairgrounds
At the Orange County FairgroundsAt the Orange County Fairgrounds

We drove up to Long Beach after that and wandered over to the Art Buildings, where we talked to an instructor for a 2D art class, he was pretty nice telling us about his class. He mentioned that there was an installation exhibition going on, so we went out and found a bunch of people milling about snacking on fruit and veggies. There was some jewelry, woodblock engravings, origami, and a strange dark room with weird sounds for which we had to remove our shoes and sit down. We got some snacks and then continued to the sculpture department, where we saw some interesting stuff.

The sculpture department at CSULBCal State Long Beach

The rest of my photos from Cal State Long Beach can be found on this Flickr Photo Set.

I know it's strange for me not to talk about BRMC all the time, but I'll post my Wiltern review and photos soon. I'm not happy with how I wrote it, but I'm just putting off posting it for now so I can get caught up on some other things.

Last Wednesday, I also saw Autolux and Midnight Movies at Tom Bradley International Hall at UCLA, which was a strangely carpeted show with more security than there should have been. No pictures or cameras were allowed though they never checked my bag. My brother wasn't feeling too well, so he wasn't very into it at all. I had hard time seeing the stage since there were lots of people in front of us for Midnight Movies, and then we sat down before Autolux and more people filled up the room. It was a small show, supposedly only 450 tickets - though it could have been less.

After listening to Autolux in the car with Dana, Dannielle, and Mike, I was more excited to hear and see them live despite Eugene's strange weird head. Midnight Movies have been steadily growing on me and I was actually more excited about them at first. They really didn't disappoint me because I liked the new songs just as much as the one's on the first album, maybe even more! Their music is kind of dark and hypnotic, the singer doubles on keyboards and switches with the drummer at times. It's pretty cool. I really love their sound, and I was a little surprised that they were selling their own merch after the show.

As for Autolux, they were really good too. I like their somewhat robotic sound. I'm not sure if they're interesting to watch on stage because I was too far back to really see that well, though I definitely liked their music. I recognized quite a few songs, though I'm not sure of their titles. It's pretty cool to see a 3 piece band make so much beautiful noise. Though 2 piece bands are cool too, i.e. Rubicks who I thought were really cool when I saw them at the Silverlake Lounge in March.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Silversun Pickups & Arctic Monkeys @ Coachella

I have way too much to write about and not much time and energy to do it. Coachella was fun and I was actually happy just going to the first day. The rest of the weekend, I stayed at this very nice 2 bedroom condo at Worldmark by Trendwest. It was a timeshare resort and super posh, we really lucked out by inviting my brother's friend Krissana since it was her friend Heidi who had the place for the weekend. Heidi also kind of lucked out since all the friends who she'd originally planned on going with bailed on her. How sad. We all still had a great time, first going to Coachella, then hanging out by the pool and lazy river, catching some rays, and even visiting the Palm Springs aerial tramway. We did sleep in a lot after Coachella on Friday and the rest of the weekend. Here's a little pic of the lazy river and pool area:

Well, I guess I should start my stories by describing Coachella. It was crowded and hot, but since we got a late start - we only had to endure the heat for a couple hours until the sun went down. The bands that were on when we arrived were Tilly and the Wall and Of Montreal, both of whom I've seen before together. I haven't seen Silversun Pickups and they were just starting as we left the tent where Tilly and the Wall were. It was about 5 PM, so the sun was still bright and hot. Shade was hard to find and water was expensive. I know it sounds pretty gross, but we did find some mostly full Gatorades and waters lying around. It really does beat paying $2-4 for a crappy hot drink or $5+ for a cold icy one. So, I have kind of seen Silversun Pickups from all their TV appearances. I enjoyed their set despite the heat and lack of sleep from the night before. My brother got some pictures while I listened and looked for shade. Here's one decent photo:


The rest of the photos can be found on Flickr.

Next up were the Arctic Monkeys, who I have seen before in San Francisco. Again, I was tired and exhausted from the heat. I was checking things on my phone when I practically dozed off. I woke up when some guys behing me asked me to take a picture of them together. My brother seemed to really enjoy the Arctic Monkeys since he took a bunch of photos of them. The photos are kind of grainy because of the zoom since we were kind of far. Here's a nice photo:


The rest of the Arctic Monkeys photos are also on Flickr.

That's all for now, I will write next about The Jesus and Mary Chain, Jarvis Cocker, Interpol, and Bjork. Though I will also be writing about the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway on Sunday and the Jimmy Kimmel taping yesterday.

The Jesus and Mary Chain at Coachella!

Yes, the JAMC reunion was probably the one thing I was most excited about for this Coachella. They sounded great to me and I enjoyed most of the songs despite the couple next to me dry humping along. Also, Scarlett Johansson's vocals for "Just Like Honey" were very unpleasant. She sounded like she was trying to make her normally deep voice all high and squeaky. I recorded most of the set on my trusty camera corder, but uploading might take awhile. I'm sure someone else already put it up on YouTube by now. I have a horrible memory remembering the setlist. I think it was close to what they played at the Glass House:

The setlist:

"Never Understand"
"Head On"
"Far Gone and Out"
"Happy When It Rains"
"Some Candy Talking"
"Between Planets"
"Blues From A Gun"
"Cracking Up"
"All Things (New Song!)
"Teenage Lust"
"Just Like Honey (Scarlett Johansson on background vocals)"

Here are some photos my brother took at the beginning of the set:





The rest of the photos are on Flickr.

Jarvis Cocker @ Coachella

I was pleasantly surprised by how good Jarvis Cocker's set was. He started a little late due to technical difficulties, so I didn't miss any of it. Unfortunately, he also ended late, so I missed some of Interpol. Still, I really enjoyed Jarvis, it was even better than when I saw Pulp at Leeds 2002. His amusing anecdotes and witty humor made the songs seem better too. The photos are all up on Flickr and here are a few of the nicer ones:









Interpol, Bjork, and Coachella Photos

I don't have much to say about Interpol and Bjork. They were both pretty good in their own ways. I was late to Interpol since I was enjoying Jarvis Cocker's set so much. We came in on the new Interpol song "Mammoth" and there were so many people that we couldn't get too close to even the right side monitors. I tried recording some of it from the side, but I'm sure it's not too good since it's offset. Carlos D looked really funny, I thought it was someone else. He looked like he had curly hair and a mustache. Pictures didn't turn out very well at all since I turned off the flash. Here's one of Paul Banks for proof:

Paul Banks of Interpol

By the time Bjork came on, my brother was too tired to take any good photos and we were too far back to get any good ones. I tried taking some video, but it was just impossible with all the people walking in front of me. I'm not one of those diehard Bjork fans, so I just sat down to relax and enjoy the music. This was my 2nd time seeing her, the first being at Coachella 5 years ago. It was a nice way to end the evening.

Bjork on the monitor

And now for the random Coachella photos, to give you a feel of what it was like...