Monday, April 23, 2007

new BRMC interviews!

There's been a flurry of BRMC press already and the album hasn't even been released yet! Here are some new interviews to check out, including a misquoted Peter Hayes on the cons of reading too much. That one from GigWise seems like a smear campaign to make him look stupid. It almost worked, as even a few fans started posting long treatises on the importance of literature. I don't think Peter ever dissed literature, I think he was just saying you can't just live vicariously through books. Anyways, there's lots of interesting info in these articles, including a story about how Robert's lyric book was stolen after his apartment was broken into and how he had to improvise the words to American X.

BRMC delivers hard-rocking "Baby"
Fri Apr 20, 2007 10:31pm ET21
By Susan Visakowitz

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Heads Up High
Article by Jon Seller

Reformed Rebels reunite
April 20, 2007,,2006140003-2007180307,00.html

BRMC Interview
Band: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Sun Mar 11 14:53:23 2007
by Simon Webb

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club | Creating Space
Written by Dave Jasmon

BRMC: 'Don't Read, It's Not Cool To Be Clever'
Band dismiss education...
by Sam Villis on 13/04/2007

Rebel With A Cause
Words: Johnny K
page 34-35

Rockers get an upgrade
Apr 13 2007

Listen to BRMC's new album Baby 81 now!

I'm beating everyone over the head with all my BRMC info, but I know you love it. First, an interview from Artist Direct:

Back to Being Loud: An Interview with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Wed, 18 Apr 2007 12:04:51
Guitarist/singer Peter Hayes talks about keeping your swagger and not selling out
- Adam McKibbin

Here's a link to a track by track description of Baby 81 by Peter Hayes:

It's also up on BRMC's MySpace profile, so you can listen to it and add a new song to your profile!

Also, Newbury Comics is giving away a free autographed booklet with purchase of Baby 81. I already pre-ordered the limited edition from them and the Japanese edition from CD Japan. I also paid the extra $10 to Ducat King for the autographed booklet at the House of Blues San Diego. I wonder if pre-ordering a regular edition would be overkill. I ended up getting 3 versions of Howl, so why not 3 versions of Baby 81?

And lastly, for anyone interested in some good Swedish bands, check out for a bunch of cool bands like The Legends, Club 8, Acid House Kings, and the Radio Dept.!

Friday, April 20, 2007

The new cover of Baby 81 by BRMC

This new album cover is really cool, and kind of surprising since there was another cover being used all over the interweb to promote the album's release. I'm guessing the photography is by Tessa Angus, who did most of BRMC's promotional photographs.