Sunday, December 25, 2005

My year in review

2005 was 99% worth living.

In 2005, Liane Chan did 125 things, went 88 places, met 9 people, and consumed 134 products.

What made 2005 so special for me? Had to be meeting lots of new people through the BRMC forum and MySpace, chatroom sessions with other fans, great community with FreeCycle, 43 Things, and my BRMC forums. Learning a lot at City College, despite not finishing classes, learning lots of crochet and computer stuff. Hanging out a lot with family and friends has also been great for me!

I had a great 2005, and 2006 should prove to be even better with another BRMC tour and meeting tons of other fans! I plan to take classes in Audio and Video Production at CCSF. I’m planning a trip to Chicago, Cincinatti, Columbus, and Slippery Rock. I’m going to bring a bunch of SD cards to record video of the shows.