Monday, October 17, 2005

M Theory Photos, 2nd Annual Sonic Summer Bash, 8.13.05

This was the event I was pretty excited about a few months ago. I got the photos from a member of the Swervedriver mailing list. As much as I like Ride and Catherine Wheel, I somehow was a bigger fan of Swervedriver. Unfortunately, traffic was pretty bad getting down that day, so we missed half of Adam's set. I've heard some live acoustic mp3's of Toshack Highway before so I know what he sounds like unplugged. Anyways, it didn't make a huge difference since the store was too small and crowded for us to get inside. These photos are all inside and close up, which makes them all the more interesting. The photos me and my brother attempted to take from outside the store were pretty bad. It cleared out a little during Mark Gardener's set, but we were still outside. That was fine since there was free food.

Adam Franklin (Swervedriver/Toshack Highway)

Rob Dickinson (Catherine Wheel)

Mark Gardener (Ride)

I found these BRMC photos from a BRMC group on MySpace. There are actually four groups, and I joined them all! It's funny how someone on the BRMC forum said I was obsessed because I posted all those interviews yesterday. It's true, but I just said it's because I have a fansite. Actually, I probably started the site because I'm obsessed! I do like having all the information at hand, it's also been helpful in keeping my own concert dates organized. Plus, I enjoy reading my silly writing about all the festivals I went to in 2002! Going to a UK Music Festival was one of my silly teenage dreams that I put off until after college, but it actually came true! It was neat running into Robert at Leeds, but I didn't even want to bother him. The Welsh girl I'd met named Pip made me ask for an autograph. Then she called him a twat or a wanker for not saying anything! I think he just wasn't used to being approached by fans back then.

Robert and Peter @ the Garage, London, 8.22.05

Nick and Robert @ Virgin Megastore, London, 8.23.05

Peter @ Virgin Megastore, London, 8.23.05