Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Rave on, with the Raveonettes!

I seriously LOVE this band... I was once looking for mp3's of their live shows, since I had missed their show at the Great American Music Hall (after the Amoeba in-store, where Sune had red lipstick on his cheek : P ). I found some on Large Hearted Boy's blog, but was very annoyed to find out you had to be registered with this super exclusive site that was limited to invites and like 1000 registered users. Well, recently I found an excellent Raveonettes fansite with 2 shows (2005 and 2003) of about 21 songs each! You do have to register with the site to download the tracks, but it's totally worth it! Now if you do download these tracks, please promise me to buy their albums... they are truly excellent!

Also, there's a stream of BRMC's new album HOWL: Here it is, in all it's acoustic glory!